This option will restore your data for a specific Set of Books or your hard drive or in a valid folder on your system. This option uses the Pkzip to uncompress or unzip the size of files contained in the backup file. To Restore a Set of Books from a Backup, a valid Backup (tcBackup.exe or file must exist. 

If your data becomes corrupt for some reason, restoring from backup will fix this. It will be necessary to re-enter all the data from the date of the last backup to the present. It can be seen that backing up often is a good habit that can potentially save a lot of work. If you do not make regular backups, you may have to re-enter thousands of transactions and general ledger, debtor, creditor and stock information. 

It is also important to keep record of your backup disks or files or to label your backup disks to prevent restoring a Set of Books from an incorrect backup disk or file. 

It is recommended that you keep a record of which data is backed up and which is not, to prevent re-entering data that is already on your backup disks. 

To Restore a Set of Books:

1.Click on the Backup / Restore icon; or click on the File → Backup / Restore Set of Books menu. If a Set of Books is open on your system, TurboCASH4 will automatically close the Set of Books and the Backup Set of Books screen is displayed: TurboCASH4 Restore Set of Books

2.Select the Restore option. The Backup screen will change to the Restore Set of Books screen. 

3.Select the Name of the Set of Books you wish to restore. 

4.Select the Drive to Restore from. 

The default backup path (drive or folder) for a Set of Books as set in the Setup → Preferences → Backup path  menu, will be displayed. If you have not set the default backup path, the default system drive will be displayed. 

You may select any other drive or folder on your system. You could also choose to Restore from your hard drive or any available drive on your network. TurboCASH4 also allows you to restore from a CD, provided that you have a CD writer installed on your system and the backup is correctly done.

You may also browse for a folder to select the folder on your hard drive or network drive in which your backup data is stored when you click on the icon on the right hand side of the "Restore to" field. 

On the "Browse for Folder – Select backup target" screen, select a valid folder and click on the OK button.

5.Click on the Restore button. The following information screen is displayed:

TurboCASH4 - Restore Set of Books information

6.Click on the Yes button, to start the restore process. If you click on the No button, the operation will be cancelled. When the restore process is completed, an information screen “The Restore process is completed” will be displayed.  

7.Click on the OK button and click on the Close button on the Backup Set of Books screen. You may also press the Esc key on your keyboard to exit the Backup Set of Books screen.