By default, the Auto Backup setting is not activated (set to FALSE). The Auto-Backup feature will automatically create backup file of your set of books to the default backup directory (set in the Setup → Preferences → Backup path  menu) when exiting or closing TurboCASH4 if a Set of Books is open. 

The Auto-Backup Feature should only be used for single-user installations where TurboCASH4 is installed on a single machine. 

To Activate (Enable) the Auto-Backup feature:

1.Locate and open the Tcash.ini file (located in the TCASH4 installation directory) using windows Explorer (File Browser). 

2.Open it with Notepad, Wordpad or any other text file editor of your choice. The setting in the [BACKUP] section of the Tcash.ini file is set as follows: 


Change FALSE to TRUE. The value should read as follows:  


3.Save the Tcash.ini file.