TurboCASH Backup File

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TurboCASH Backup creates a tcBackup.exe file, which is an executable file or a tcBackup.zip file. These files will be displayed as an icon in the selected folder in which a file is backed up.

In addition to restore a Set of Books on the Backup / Restore option, you may also restore a Set of Books from the tcBackup.exe or tcBackup.zip files on your system. These tcBackup files may be created on your system with the Backup option of TurboCASH or you may have downloaded a backup file from the Web or have received them via e-mail.

To Restore a Set of Books using the tcBackup.exe file:

1.Click on the tcBackup.exe  icon in the selected folder on your system. The following screen is displayed:

2.Click on the OK button. The following screen is displayed:

3.Click on the Start button. When the process is finished, the following screen is displayed:

4.Click on the OK button. You may then open the Set of Books to commence working in the restored Set of Books.

Click on the Browse button to select a different folder than the folder displayed in the Restore to field, should you wish to restore the Set of Books elsewhere on your system. The Extract to: screen is displayed:

Select a valid folder and click on the OK button.

You may also click on the New... button to create a new folder (sub-directory) in which you wish to restore a Set of Books.

Enter a new directory than the current directory displayed on this screen and click on the OK button.

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