The Receive payment feature, will automatically generate the transactions to the receipts batch of the selected bank account for a selected transaction and print a combined receipt / payment advise (if selected). The transaction will automatically be posted updated to the ledger. The Receipt payment number as generated will be used as the alias (batch name).

It will generate the transactions as follows:  

Invoices - Positive amount - Debit Bank and Credit Debtor (customer / client) accounts.

Credit notes - Negative amount - Debit Debtor and Credit Bank accounts.

Purchases - Negative amount - Debit Creditor and Credit Bank accounts.

Supplier return - Positive amount - Debit Bank and Credit Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts.  

To Receive payments:

1.Go to the Input → Open item link. The Totals tab of the Open item link screens will be displayed. 

2.Click on the Transactions tab. 

3.Select the account (i.e. Debtor or Creditor) and right-click to select the Receive payment option from the context-menu. The Receive payment screen is displayed:    

TurboCASH4 Open item receive payment

4.Enter and Select the following options:

a)Date - The Operating System (e.g. Windows) date will automatically be displayed in the "Date" field. Enter the date or select the date, if necessary.

b)Bank account - Please make sure that the correct bank account is selected. 

c)Receiving from - The account code is disabled. The name of the debtor (customer / client) or creditor (supplier / vendor) is displayed. Check that the correct account is selected.

d)Reference - The Document number or reference number in batches.

e)Description - The default description is Payment follows by the Document number. 

f)Amount - The default outstanding amount of the selected transaction is displayed. You may overtype this, if necessary. 

g)Alias - The alias is automatically generated. It is prefixed by TR and five (5) numeric characters. You may overtype this with your own.

h)Payment method - Select the payment method Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Other.

i)Print receipt - Select to print out or not to print the receipt / payment advise. If this field is left blank, no receipt payment advise will be printed, but the details of the receipt will generate a transaction in the batch entry screen.

5.Click on the OK button. 

TurboCASH4 Open item receive payment parameters

6.Click on the OK button. 

TurboCASH4 Open item receive payment printed