The Payment date (due date) is automatically calculated by adding the number of days (entered in the due date field on the Accounting information tab of Debtor/ Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts) to the date of the document (i.e. invoices, credit notes, purchase and supplier return documents) and the transaction dates entered in batches.  

To Adjust payment date:

1.Go to the Input → Open item link menu. The Totals tab of the "Open item link" screens will be displayed. 

2.Click on the Transactions tab. 

3.Select the account and right-click to select the Adjust payment date option from the context-menu. The "Adjust payment date" will display the current payment dates in the From (disabled) and To fields. Select or enter the new payment date in the To field. TurboCASH4 Open item adjust payment date  

4.Click on the OK button. The new payment date will be displayed in the Due date column.