If you did not convert a Set of Books from a previous version of TurboCASH4, to this version of TurboCASH4, you need to create a new Set of Books. TurboCASH4 will guide you through the steps to create a new Set of Books with the Creation wizard in a matter of minutes. 

It is a good idea to check that you have all the necessary information regarding your business at hand before starting to create your Set of Books. The Startup Reference for a Retail Entity will assist you to collect all the necessary basic information regarding your business or organisation. 

Once you have the necessary information available, you may proceed to create your Set of Books. Should you not have all the information available at this stage, you may go back and enter some of the information at a later stage. 

To create a Set of Books using a template: 

1.Click on the File → Create Set of Books menu. 


The "Creation wizard" is displayed: 

TurboCASH4 - Create a Set of Books options

2.TurboCASH4 automatically defaults to the option" Let TurboCASH4 help you to create a Set of Books?", as this is the recommended option for most users. You only need to check that it is selected. 

3.Click on the Next button. The following screen of the "Creation wizard" is displayed:
TurboCASH4 - Create a Set of Books select Set of Books

4.Select a Set of Books (template). 

It is recommended that you select the EN-SOUTHAFRICA (if you are a South African based user), EN-AUSTRALIA (if you are an Australian based user) or EN-UK (if you are a United Kingdom based user), since these example Sets of Books are generic for most businesses or organisations. TurboCASH4 has also included other Sets of Books, which are installed from your TurboCASH4 installation. You may however select any of the available Set of Books, which you feel most closely, represents your type of business. 

If you do not find any of these Sets of Books suitable for your requirements, for example if you wish to use an Afrikaans Set of Books, you may click on the Browse button to browse for a Set of Books on "Browse for Folder" screen. 

5.Click on the Next button. The following screen of the "Creation wizard" is displayed: 
TurboCASH4 - Create a Set of Books enter name

6.Enter the name for your new Set of Books. 

The name must not already exist and may not be longer than 15 characters. This name will help you to identify your Set of Books on your system and you will need to select this name, whenever you need to open the Set of Books or perform some other functions on the Set of Books. 

The Directory in which you will create the Set of Books is displayed underneath the Location Browse button. It will usually be the default directory in which TurboCASH4 is installed (TCASH4) or directory other than TCASH4, which you have specified when you have installed TurboCASH4. If you wish to create your Set of Books in any other directory or location on your system, you may click on the Browse button to select any Folder or Drive on the "Pick a Directory" screen. 

7.Click on the Next button. The following screen of the "Creation wizard" is displayed: 

TurboCASH4 - Create a Set of Books select setup options

8.Select all of the options for the Retail Entity, since your selection will determine which screens TurboCASH4 will launch when you click on the Finish button. 

If you removed the tick in the “Documents setup” option in step 5 of this topic, the Documents setup, Stock information and Salespersons screens will not be displayed.

You then need to select these options on the Setup → System parameters  menu.

TurboCASH4 will now ask you to confirm that you wish to create this Set of Books.

TurboCASH4 - Copy a Set of Books confirm

9.Click on the Yes button. The screens from the following Setup → System parameters menu will automatically be displayed as selected on the last screen of the "Creation wizard".

10.Enter and select the necessary information and settings for the following screens: 

a)Company info - Enter all your business' details such as the address, e-mail address, contact numbers and Company and Tax Registration numbers, which you need to display on all documents, reports, and lists. You may also select the Tax method applicable to your VAT/GST/Sales tax registration, whether your default output option for documents, reports and lists are on: screen, printer, file, e-mail or fax. You may also load a logo picture to be displayed on your reports or documents, and set your Windows operating system's default date and currency formats.

b)Reporting dates - This option allows you to set up the number of reporting dates required, and the start date of your financial year period. The periods or dates will be displayed in the format in which you have set your Windows Operating System's default date on the previous screen.

c)Batch types - This option allows you to create, delete an existing batch type, or change the name of an existing batch type in which you wish to enter and update or post your transactions to the ledger.

d)Groups - This option allows you to set up to two Reporting groups for your General ledger, Debtors, Creditor (supplier / vendor) accounts, Stock and Document groups.

e)Salesperson - This option allows you to enter the salespersons name who will be selling your stock items or services.

f)Documents - This option allows you to set up your documents Invoices, Credit notes, Quotes, Orders, Purchases and Supplier returns documents, you wish to hand to customers (debtors) or suppliers (creditors) when you sell, or quote, or order and purchase, physical stock items and services setup in your stock item code file.

g)Stock information - The option allows you to define the units of stock you sell, the selling price descriptions, and the Cost of sales parameters. This option should be used if you use stock and / or wish to generate documents such as Invoices, Credit notes, Quotes, Orders, Purchases and Supplier returns. If you do not intend to use documents, or stock, or service stock items if you are not controlling stock, but do not wish to generate documents, do not set up your stock information.

Before you can commence any processing, it is recommended that you follow the applicable or recommended options as listed in the Start up Reference for a Retail Entity. This should not take much of your time, but could save you lots of extra work and frustration, since the key to the success in your processing and reports, is in the settings of the TurboCASH4 program.