This option allows you to add / delete the salespersons, who sell your stock items or services. Salespersons may be selected on sales documents (quotes, invoices point-of-sales access and credit notes).

The Salespersons are also added to the purchase documents (orders, purchases and supplier returns). This feature is useful to manage a user / salesperson / cashier who have processed a specific purchase document.

You may select the default salesperson for each debtor (customer / client) account. When sales documents are generated and the debtor (customer / client) account is selected, the default salesperson will be displayed for the document or you may select any available salesperson. 

This feature makes it easy to see who made the most sales or did not make target. It is also a useful tool if it is necessary to pay commission on those sales.

Salespersons may also be selected for purchase documents (i.e. purchases, supplier returns and orders). This allows you to see who handled the purchase document. 

You may also link the salespersons (cashiers) to users on the Others tab of the Setup → System parameters → Access control menu for improved Point-of-Sale access and security. 

To add Salespersons:

Salespersons may also be added or deleted in the Setup → System parameters → Groups (Salespersons) menu. 

1.Click on the Setup → System parameters → Salesperson menu. The "Salesperson" screen is displayed:

2.Click Add  button and enter the name of your salesperson.

3.Click on the Close button.