Create Set of Books

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In addition to the “Creation Wizard” feature you may also create exact copies from existing sets of books, templates (installed in your TCASH4/Books directory or other sets of books in the TCASH4/Bin/Repository directory). The following options are available:

File  →  Save As.

File  →  Create Set of Books (Copy from a Set of Books option on the Creation Wizard).

Tools  →  Global Processes  →  Copy from a Set of Books.

You may create a new Set of Books using any of the following options on the Creation Wizard:

1.Copy an existing Set of Books

2.Let TurboCASH help you to create a Set of Books - Create a new Set of Books where you may select a template and then TurboCASH4 will take you through the process.

3.Create a Set of Books (Advanced) - Create a new Set of Books from scratch. (This option should be used by more advanced users).

The default number of characters for the account codes in a Set of Books is determined by the Set of Books selected when creating, converting or copying a Set of Books.

Currently, most Sets of Books consists of 3-digit account codes. You may, on the Advanced option, select to create a Set of Books with more than 3-digit (up to 8-digit) account codes.

4.Convert from TurboCASH4 to this version - Convert a TurboCASH4 Version 1035 Set of Books to the latest TurboCASH4 Database. This will convert your data from the older TurboCASH4 database to the latest TurboCASH4 database.

5.Connect to a remote Database - This option allows you to connect to a remote database for Multi User configurations of TurboCASH4.

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