The Invoices menu option allows you to create and edit invoices for your debtors (customers / clients) and to print delivery notes for the invoices, which you have created or edited.

To access the Input - Documents - Invoices menu:

1.Click on the Input → Documents → Invoices menu. A list of the two (2) menu options on the Input → Documents menu will be displayed. The available short cut keys to access the options from your keyboard are indicated next to the menu option.

TurboCASH4 - Input - Documents - Enter menu

2.Select one of the available options: 

a)Enter - Create and edit invoices for your debtors (customers / clients) from your stock code file.

b)Print delivery notes - Delivery notes can only be printed for a specified invoice. Delivery notes contain the details of the stock item code file and quantities of the items for each invoice.

Delivery notes are usually sent to debtors (customers / clients) when you deliver the stock items or goods. The debtors or customers will check that the stock items or goods are received in the correct quantity and quality as specified on the delivery note and then sign the delivery note as confirmation of receipt.