This menu lists the functions for the daily or periodic processing of transactions in a Set of Books. You will access options on this menu to capture transactions in journals from source documents, generate invoices, etc. and to post it to the general ledger.

The various input or process options are available for Stock items, Batch entry, Documents, Open item link, Bank reconciliation and to update the Ledger. In the case of Documents, an4 arrow indicates that there are more options available.

These options include documents Invoices, Point-of-Sales Invoices, Credit notes and Quotes for debtors and Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders for creditors. You may also select to confirm a Quotes and Orders, to update the transactions to the ledger and to manage outstanding backorders.

To access the Input menu: 

1.Click on the Input menu. A list of the seven (7) menu options on the Input menu will be displayed. The available short cut keys to access the options from your keyboard are indicated next to the menu option.

TurboCASH4 - Input menu

2.Select one of the available options. 

a)Adjust stock - Take-on of stock items and adjust quantities, cost and selling prices.

b)Batch entry - Enter, capture, import and process transactions in different batches (journals).

c)Documents - Generate documents such as Invoices, Credit notes, Purchases, Supplier returns, Orders, Quotes and Point-of-Sale Invoices, etc. You may also print documents, delivery notes, confirm quotes and orders and manage Backorders Outstanding.

d)Open item link - Link receipts or payments to specific invoices for debtors and creditors. You may also process open item links for general ledger accounts.

e)Reconcile bank - Reconcile a bank account in TurboCASH4 with the bank statement.

f)Update ledger - Update (post) transactions in documents and batches to the ledger.

g)Calendar - Powerful feature to schedule and manage appointments (general, debtors and creditors), tasks, repeating invoices and contacts. A new feature has been added where quotes for hours can be scheduled. Once these appointments are completed, quotes for hours may be converted to invoices.  

Projects – will be added to this menu, once projects is activated.