This option allows you to import the transactions from a posted batch in the same Set of Books.

To import a posted batch:

1.On the Edit menu, select Batch entry (F2). 

2.Select a Batch type and click on the Open button. The Batch entry transaction screen for the selected Batch type will be displayed.

3.Click on the F9:Process icon. The Process the batch options screen will be displayed.  

4.Select the Import a posted batch option, and click on the OK button. The Reverse posted batch/document screen, listing all the posted batches, is displayed:

TurboCASH4 Import a posted batch

5.View the details of the batch to make absolutely sure that it is the correct batch (journal). 

To view the details of the transactions in the selected batch (journal), you may:- 

Double-click on the selected batch (journal). 

On the Details tab, the transactions for the selected batch will be listed. (If you wish to print a list of the transactions in the posted batch, you may click on the Print button to print a Batch type - Posted batch report). 

6.If you double-click, or select the Details option on the context menu, the "Details" will be displayed on following screen: 

TurboCASH4 Import a posted batch details

7.All the details of the transactions entered or imported and posted (updated) to the ledger for the selected batch, will be displayed. Check that the selected batch (journal) contains the transactions which needs to be imported, and click on the Batch entry tab. 

8.Select a batch type and click on the OK button. All the transactions in the selected, posted batch will be imported into the selected batch. An example, is as follows:

TurboCASH4 Imported posted batch transactions

9.Delete Line 1 as well as the balancing transactions (indicated by 8 asterisks (********) in the "Reference" column.

10.If necessary, edit the batch transactions, and Balance the batch.

11.Enter the Alias (batch name). 

12.Print a list of the transactions and Post the batch.