If you need to Open a Set of Books or Delete a Set of Books, TurboCASH4 displays the following screen to allow the user to enter a valid password for the Set of Books: 

TurboCASH4 - Access control - Login password

Enter a valid password and click on the OK button.

The password is an eight-character alphanumeric and special character field. The password is also Case sensitive. Remember if you use Capital alpha characters. Once a user password is set, you will not be able to Open a Set of Books or to Delete the Set of Books, if you do not enter the password absolutely correctly.

Should you enter an incorrect password, TurboCASH4 will display an error message:

 "Invalid password!" 

Click on the OK button and re-enter the correct password. Check that your Caps lock key is not accidentally switched on.

If users have been created and passwords are set for the users, a login screen for Point-of Sale Invoicing access will be displayed on which the Cashier or Salesperson needs to enter a valid password.