You may print statements which you wish to dispatch to your debtors to inform them of the amounts they owe you. Before you send statements to your debtors it is important to check whether you have entered and posted all the transactions for your debtors to the ledger. 

The Debtor statements will display the transactions entered and posted in batches (Sales journal, Sales returns journal, Receipts journal, etc.). If you are trading in Stock items it will also display the transactions for Invoices and Credit notes which are updated to the ledger. If you are using the Point-of Sale feature only the Point-of Sale Invoices for Shifts, which have been closed, will be included in this report. 

The Debtor statements needs to be generated at least monthly and sent to the debtors. This will remind the debtors to pay or settle their account. Some debtors may wish to reconcile your creditor account (in the debtor's books) with their accounting records. You may also receive Remittance advises from your debtors which you may reconcile with the statements or your Debtor's ledger. 

The following Debtor statements are available: 

Debtor statements - The statement will print all transactions. It does not use the Open item link feature.

Debtor statements - Outstanding - The statement will print only the outstanding transactions. Transactions linked in the Open item link feature, will not be listed.

Before you wish to print Debtor statements, you may need to check the following:

Statement messages are entered correctly.

Banking details of your company is entered in the Setup → System parameters →  Company info.

Enter global messages to display on all debtor statements:

1.Select Setup → System parameters →  Statements.

2.Enter the message in up to 3 lines to display on all Debtor statements. 

3.Click on the OK button. 

Enter statement messages for specific debtor (customer / client) accounts: 

1.Select  Edit → Debtors (F4).

2.Select the debtor (customer / client) account.

3.On the Delivery address tab, enter a message of up to 3 lines. 

4.Click on the Save button.