You may define any abbreviations, which you wish to enter in the description fields for each description, which is of a repetitive nature. You only need to select the key to transfer the full description when the cursor is in the "Description" field of the batch entry screen. 

To set abbreviations:

1.On the Batch entry screen, click on the F9:Process icon. 

2.Select the "Abbreviation definition" option and click on the OK button. The "Set an abbreviation" screen is displayed:
Batch entry abbreviations

3.Press an alphabetical or numeric key on your keyboard you wish to assign to an abbreviation. 

4.Enter the description for the abbreviation. 

The description should be useful to debtors or creditors if the abbreviation key is selected when entering transactions for debtors or creditors, since this abbreviation will be displayed on debtor statements and creditor remittance advises.

5.Click on the X button or press the Esc key on your keyboard. 

To print a list of abbreviations:

If you click on the Print list button on the first screen of the Set an abbreviations screen, a list of your abbreviations will be printed.
Batch entry abbreviations list

If you press any of your abbreviation keys the descriptions will be transferred to the "Description" field for a transaction. In this example, the descriptions for the f, p and r keys will be transferred to the description fields of the batch entry screen. If you have assigned numerical characters (0 to 9) they will be listed before the alphabetical keys are listed.