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The Settings tab on the on the Inventory item list screen will only be available when the mode in set to Default. In the Advanced mode, the Settings tab will not be displayed.

The inventory item screen may also be launched as a floating screen from the Input Adjust inventory menu on the Action ribbon.

The Settings tab allows quick access to the following options:

1.Setup inventory – This will launch the Inventory information screen (Setup → Inventory information). On this screen, you may set the units of inventory, change the selling price descriptions, set the default selling price. Cost of sales parameters may also be set for the Default (Trading inventory) inventory item type. You may also configure document processing options.

2.Setup groups – This will launch the Setup Groups screen (Setup → Groups). On this screen, you may add Reporting groups (i.e. Inventory group 1 and / or Inventory group 2). These may be used to search and filter your inventory items and to print reports.  

NoCalcFields - No calculation of fields. This option is by default selected (ticked). If this option is not selected (tick removed), it will change the values of certain fields. - To be advised.

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