Repeating transactions

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TurboCASH has a Repeating transactions facility available to enable you to enter transactions, which occur on a periodic basis. They may be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, etc.

You may enter the transactions once and, when due, copy them into the normal journal, edit (if amounts have changed), delete or add an entry.  This facility will save you lots of time. You may identify those transactions in your business and enter them in this facility. A few examples of these entries are:

1.For entry in the General journal or alternative journal type.

oDepreciation of fixed assets

oPayroll journals or integration

2.For entry in the Payments journal

oDebit orders to third parties

3.For entry in the Receipts journal

oDebit orders from third parties, etc.

Repeating transactions may be processed via the following options:

Edit → Repeating transactions – Enter the transactions once in the Repeating Journal entry screen. You may then Import the the transactions into the normal Journal entry screen using the Repeating transactions option on the F9:Process options.

Import a posted journal  option on the F9:Process options. Once you have entered and posted a normal journal, you may import the journal, edit it as required and then post it.  

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