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The context menu (Quick menu) for the TurboCASH5 program (i.e. the menus for the Start, Action, Reports and Setup ribbons), is available from the right-click on the TurboCASH5 tray icon.

The reports on the Reports menu may not available after launching or starting TurboCASH.

After starting TurboCASH, you need to click on the Reports ribbon to load the reports.

To access the TurboCASH5 tray icon, click the ^ icon (Show hidden icons) section of the Windows operating system's Taskbar.  

To disable the Tray icon:

1.Close TurboCASH5.

2.Open the Tcash.ini file (in the root directory of your TurboCASH5 installation folder.

3.Set the “notrayicon=false” to true (e.g. “notrayicon=true”).

4.Save the Tcash.ini file.

5.Launch TurboCASH5. The Tray icon feature will be disabled.

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