Context menu - Print barcodes

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On the Document list screen, select the document type for sales documents (i.e. Invoices, Credit notes or Estimates) or purchase documents (i.e. Purchases, Supplier returns or Orders).

If you need to select multiple documents, press the Ctrl key and click on each document you wish to copy.

Right-click and select Documents → Print → Barcodes option on the context menu. This will print the labels of all the inventory items included on a selected document.

An example of a printed barcodes for a selected document, is as follows:

It will display / print the following for each inventory item included in a document:

1.Inventory code

2.Inventory item description


4.Selling price (exclusive of Tax (VAT/GST/Sales tax).

Labels will be displayed / printed for each of the quantities specified. For example, if the quantity of 2 is specified for a inventory item, the label will be printed twice.

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