Context menu - Convert documents to a single document

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To convert documents to a single document:

1.Select the sales documents (i.e. Credit notes or Estimates) or for purchase documents (i.e. Purchases, Supplier returns or Orders) document type.

2.Select the documents to convert into one document.

3.Right-click and select Documents Convert documents to a single document option on the context menu. A confirmation message "Do you wish to delete this Purchases?" (Purchases, as per this example, will be replaced by Credit notes, Estimates, Supplier returns or Orders depending from which document type this option is launched) will be displayed.

4.If you need to retain the selected documents and create a new document, click on the No button or Yes button to continue.

If you wish to retain the original documents, click on the No button. These documents will still be available to process. 

If you click on the Yes button, these documents will permanently be deleted. If you have selected the incorrect documents, and you have clicked on the Yes button, you may need to create these document(s) again.

The Customer accounts screen will be displayed (for Credit notes or Estimates document type) orVendor  account (Purchases, Supplier returns or Orders document type).

5.Select the Customer account (Credit notes or Estimates document type) or Vendor account (Purchases, Supplier returns or Orders document type) and click on the Open / OK button. Once the process is finished, the new document will be available will be available as Unposted for the selected document type.

6.You may edit the new document, if necessary.

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