Customer accounts - Documents tab

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All sales documents (i.e. Invoices, Credit notes, Estimates and / or POS Invoices) which have been processed for the selected customer account will be listed here.

The options are as follows:

1.Print button - This will print the selected document to the default or selected output method.

You may also double-click on a selected document to print it.

2.Layout file - This is by default blank. The selected document will be printed using the layout file as set in the Documents setup (Setup → Documents setup) for Invoices, Credit notes and Estimates.

You may change the layout file by selecting your own layout file from the list. These layout files are stored in the ...\plug_ins\reports\DOCUMENTS\DOCUMENTS directory of your system.

3.Send report to - The default option as set in the Output Method field on Setup → Company info (Options) or Setup → Access control (Reports access). You any change this to any other option (i.e. Screen, Printer, File, E-mail or Fax), if required.

You may click on the column headings (i.e. Document number, Date, Description or Reference) to change the sort sequence from the ascending to the descending sequence.

You may also click and drag any of the column headings to the left or right to change the sequence in which the columns are to be displayed.

View Transactions - Show transact context menu

1.Select a transaction and right-click on the Show transact context menu.

2.On the Reverse posted journal/document screen, click on the Print button.

The Documents tab lists all posted and unposted documents and qoutes. The Show transact context menu option will not do anything, if a estimate or an unposted document is selected.

3.Select a transaction and click on the Show transact context menu. The posted journal transactions will be displayed in the Reverse posted journal/document screen.

4.Click on the Print button to print the posted journal transactions, if required.

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