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The "Vendor transactions - Standard" and "Vendor transactions - Extra details" report lists all the transactions in documents and journals which are posted (updated) to the ledger.

The Vendor transactions - Extra details report is similar to the Vendor transactions - Standard report, but displays extra details of the Contra accounts (i.e. Account code, Account description, Contra account code and Description as well as the Tax account code and Description). For example, " G750000  Inventory control,T850020,  Input VAT - Standard rate - 14%", etc.

To print Vendor transactions - Standard /  Vendor transactions - Extra details reports:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Vendors → Transactions.  

2.Select "Vendor transactions - Standard" or "Vendor transactions - Extra details".

3.Select the following options:

a)Period - Select a period on the Per period tab. You may click on the Free selection tab to select a specific date or a range of dates to include transactions in the report.

b)From ... To - Select a vendor account or a range of vendor accounts, to include in the report.

c)Sequence - Select "Vendor code" to print the report by account code or "Description" to print the report by account description (name).

d)Include zero balances - If this option is not selected (not ticked), it will list only the transactions for accounts which has transactions and / or balances. Tick this option to include opening balances (closing balances before the selected periods / dates).

f)New page per account - If this option is selected (ticked), it will print the transactions for each account on a new page.

g)Cost center 1 / 2 - If you have activated Cost centers, you may select the Cost centers.

4.Click on the OK button.

View the "Vendor transactions - Standard" report:

View the "Vendor transactions - Extra details" report:

The details on the report, is as follows:

1.Page header 1 - Company details - This will only print on the fist page.

If the New page per account option on the report parameters is selected (ticked), the Company details will not be printed in the Page header of the first page. The company name is displayed in the Page footer of all pages.

2.Page header 2 - Report Name and Parameters as selected on the Report Options will display below the Company details on the first page and at the top of each subsequent page.

3.Header group - The Account code and Name (description). It also displays the date and opening balances of the previous year.

4.Detail - List the transaction details for each account.

a)Reference - The reference number of the document (i.e. Purchases and Supplier returns) or the reference number entered in the reference column on the Journal entry screen.

b)Date - The date of the transaction or document.

c)Description - The inventory item code or the account description (if the Financial entry inventory item type was selected on a document) of the document (i.e. Purchases and Supplier returns) or the description entered in the description column on the Journal entry screen.

d)Debit - The debit transaction amount.

e)Credit - The credit transaction amount.

f)Cum - The accumulative total of the transactions included in the account.

5.Footer - Groups - Total / Balance - Displays the total of the transactions and the closing balance for each account.

6.Page Footer - List the following:

a)Data - Name of the Set of Books and the full path of the Set of Books (e.g. ...\books\BOOKSNAME\Books.fdb)

b)System User and TurboCASH User (Setup → Access control).

c)Printed: The date and time of the system (computer) on which the report is printed.

d)Page: Page number and the last page number of the report.

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