Edit Bank accounts

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You may have more than one Bank account and wish to add this to your Chart of Accounts. TurboCASH will have set up a Bank account for you in your selected template. (In this example, account number “810-000 - Current Bank account” is used).

If you wish to change the Bank account description and journals name you my edit the account and journal types.

Bank accounts must be linked to a unique Payments and Receipts journal. You may create a new Payments and Receipts journal can create on the Bank tab when creating a new Bank account. You may edit the Journal type descriptions in Setup → Journal types.

To change a Bank account:

1.On the Action ribbon, select Accounts. The Accounts screen; listing your available accounts will be displayed.

2.Select the “810-000 - Current Bank account” ("Current assets" – Reporting group).

2.In the "Description" field, replace “Current bank account” with the new Bank account description e.g. “ABC-Bank”.

3.Click on the Bank tab.

4.Enter the unique name for the Payments and Receipts journals, e.g. “ABC-Payments” and the “ABC-Receipts”. This will automatically add (create) the journal types which may be edited in Setup → Journal types.

5.Click on the Save button.

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