All reports may be saved or exported to the "CSV" (Comma Separated Values) file format. These data in the report is basically a text file that stores the data records in each line. The records in each line is structured in a tabular format and the fields are separated by commas, tabs, etc. 

The csv files can be opened into basically any spreadsheet application in Microsoft Excel or alternative spreadsheet components of LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Ultra Office, Google Sheets, etc.   

Export button for all Report types on Ledger analyser 1 / Ledger analyser 2 -

You may save the export file as Text files (*.txt) (default file type); or as CSV files (*.csv) (Comma Separated Values) file type. This will automatically open (launch) the exported file in the program associated with the selected file type:

oText files e.g. (Export.txt) - This should automatically open the exported text file of your system's default text file program associated with Text file type (*.txt) file types (e.g. Notepad, etc). You need to close the exported text file and launch your spreadsheet program. In your spreadsheet program, Open the text file to launch the "Text Import" options.

oCSV files e.g. (Export.csv) - This should automatically open the "Text Import" options of your system's default spreadsheet program associated with Comma Separated Value file type (*.csv) file types (e.g. Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc, Ultra Office, etc.). 

To save reports or document layout files as a comma separated values file:

1.On the "Reportman print preview" screen, select Save (Ctrl+S) reportman-preview-icon-save – This will launch the “Save Metafile As” screen. 

2.Select the directory (folder) where you need to save this file, if necessary. 

3.Enter a file name. 

4.Select the "Comma separated values file" file type.

5.Click Save.

An example, of the "Income statement" saved as a comma separated values file, and opened in LibreOffice Calc (spreadsheet) is as follows:

Select the Separator options, if necessary. 

Click OK

The data, according to this selection, will be displayed in the various columns.