The "Bitmap file" type extension is a Bitmap image file. The BMP file contains raster graphics data which are independent of display devices. BMP images may be uncompressed or compressed with a lossless compression method.

To save reports or document layout files as a bitmap file:

1.On the "Reportman print preview" screen, select Save (Ctrl+S) reportman-preview-icon-save – This will launch the “Save Metafile As” screen. 

2.Select the directory (folder) where you need to save this file, if necessary. 

3.Enter a file name. 

4.Select the "Bitmap File" file type.

5.Click Save. The "Bitmap properties" screen is displayed. 


6.The default values is 100 dots per inch in both the horizontal and vertical resolution.

7."Monochrome" is the default value. Leave this selected. It will create a bitmap image of the report or layout file.  

These Bitmap image files may be much larger in size. For example, if an Invoice layout file is saved in the PDF file format, the size would be 277 KB (Kilobytes). The same Invoice layout file in the Bitmap format, could be as large as 3.56 MB (Megabytes). 

An example of the "Income statement" saved as a Bitmap file, opened in "Paint", is as follows: