To prevent printing empty reports, you need to set the Report main structure to print the report only when data is available in the "Report manager designer" when you edit the report. 

If this setting is not set, it will print blank reports. 

If there is no data to print, only the Company info in the page header and the data in the Page footer will be printed in most reports. 

The "Main Dataset" linked to the SubReport in the report "Structure" is by default set to "False" when designing reports.  


"P.Only data avail." (Print only data available) set to “True”. If an invalid selection is made on the parameters; or if there is no data in the ACCOUNT dataset to print, the following error message will be produced: 

“No data available to print!”

If the "P.Only data avail." (Print only data available) set to “False”, the report will print only the Page headers and Page footers if no data is available on the "Main Dataset".