Create a new blank report

All reports consists of the three (3) basic sections in the report structure, i.e. Page header, Detail and Page footer.

You have two (2) options to create a new report, i.e.: 

1.Empty report - This is the basic report, with the company dataset included in the Page header and the basic expressions in the Page footer.

2.New report - This is an empty blank report without any datasets. You need to add the COMPANYDATA dataset in the Page header and add the details in the Page footer

Edit a copy of an existing report - Select a report which is close to your requirements and create a copy of the report. You may then edit the copy of the report.

Create a new blank report

Once you have created a "Copy of New.rep", it is recommended that you use the "Copy of New.rep" report to add or build your own report or layout files. Do not use the "New.rep". 

To create a New blank report:

1.On the Reports ribbon; or on the Setup ribbon, select Report designer.


2.On the "Report man" screen, select the New report. 

3.Click on the Copy report button.

4.Select Copy of New report and click Edit (You may also double-click).

New report 

The new report does not contain the COMPANYDATA dataset. It also contains no data in the Page footer. 

It only contains the blank Page header, Detail and Page footer sections of the report structure. 


If you intend to use the New report and need to add details of your company, you need to add a new dataset (i.e. COMPANYDATA). 

Or you could use the "Empty.rep" report. The Empty report contains the COMPANYDATA dataset with dynamic text labels (translatable text via the language files).