If an account is listed, as in this example, and have no data to print (such as telephone numbers, postal address and delivery address details as in this example), it will print blank spaces.  

To set the Auto Expand / Auto Contract options for a report:

1.On the "Report manager designer" screen, click on the Print preview icon. 

2.In this example, identify the section in the Report Structure where the blank spaces is printed. 


3.Close the "Print preview" screen.

4.Select the Detail section of the Report Structure.

5. Set the "Auto Expand" and "Auto Contract" to "True" (default is "False"). This will rid the printed report of the extra unnecessary spaces (lines).

6.Click on the Print preview icon to check if the report prints correctly.


7.Close the "Print preview" screen.

8.Close the "Report manager designer" screen. Remember to Save the report. 

Whenever you close the "Report manager designer" screen, after editing your report, remember save the report. If you click on No, on the "Save report?" confirmation message, your changes will be discarded (lost).