You may print the Tax list creditor with tax id report, to check your tax transactions of posted posted documents (i.e. purchases and supplier returns). 

This report will display a summary of the totals of the invoices and credit notes for each creditor (supplier / vendor) account for a selected period or date(s).

Batch transactions are excluded from this report. 

To print Tax per period reports

1.Select the Reports → Tax menu. 

2.Select "Tax list creditor with tax id", if not already selected.

3.Period - Select the period on the Per period tab. You may click on the Free selection tab to select a specific date or a range of dates.

4.Sequence - Select "Creditor code, Tax reg. no." or "Company reg. no." to print the report detail by the the selected sequence (sort order).

5.Click on the OK button. 

An example of the printed "Tax list creditor with tax id" report, is as follows: