Stock Items - Image tab

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You may add or delete an image for the stock item. This image will be available to display on the Button Lookup mode, when processing sales documents (i.e. Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotes and Point-of-Sales Invoices) as well as purchase documents (i.e. Purchases, Supplier Returns and Orders).  

To select an image click on the Select Image button. On the Open screen, select an image and click on the Open button.

 Images need to be in the *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp or *.png file formats.

 The default size of images is 120 width x 40 height. You may change the size of the buttons in the Tools  →  Plugins  →  HorecaPOS menu.  

To enable (activate) the Button Lookup:

1.Go to the Setup  →  System parameters  →  Stock Information menu.

2.Select (tick) the “Button Lookup” field.

3.Click on the OK button. The Button Lookup screen is displayed when selecting stock items while processing documents.

The default size of images is 120px width x 40px height. You may change the size of the buttons in the Tools  →  Plugins  →  HorecaPOS menu.  

 Groups - Images and Colours

The Button Lookup may be configured by adding images of your product groups and setting colours (background and font) in the Setup  →  System parameters  →  Groups menu (Stock Group 1).

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