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When processing invoices in the Input  →  Documents menu, and the debtor (customer / client) orders more than is actually invoiced, it will be recorded in the backorder facility.

Backorder records and reports will only be updated when the Invoices are posted (updated) to the ledger.

An example where the quantity entered in the “Qty Order” field is more than the quantity entered in the “Qty Ship” field, is as follows:

The insufficient quantities (e.g. 2  1 = 1, as per this example) will be added to the backorder feature. The following options are available to manage (view / add / edit / delete) backorders:

1.Edit  →  Stock Items menu  List of backorders for the selected stock item.  

2.Input  →  Documents  →  Backorders Outstanding menu  List of backorders for all  stock items.

The Backorder report may be printed from the following options:

1.Edit  →  Stock Items menu  Select the “Backorder” Report type and click on the Report button. This will list all stock items for which there are backorder records.

2.Reports  →  Stock  →  Backorder menu  This will launch the Backorders options screen on which you may select the range of Stock Items to include / exclude from the report.

When processing Invoices and you select the Stock Item on backoder, the invoicing screen, the Backorders Outstanding screen is displayed:

If you select this item, the entry will be removed from the backorder records and reports.

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