Setup Financial Categories on Edit Accounts

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To Link Groups to Financial Categories using the Edit Accounts screen:

1.Click on the Edit  →  Accounts menu.

2.Select Reporting Group 1. The Groups as created on Account Groups screen Reporting Group 1 will be listed in the Accounts screen:

3.Select a Group and select a Financial Category (i.e. Assets, Capital, Expenses, Income or Liabilities) from the list.

4.Click on the Save button.

5.Repeat the process for all the Account Groups.

6.Once finished with Reporting Group 1, select Reporting Group 2 and repeat the link process.

The Save button will only be displayed (next to the Financial Category name) field), once any  any changes are made.

You need to click on the Save button. If you do not do this, your changes will be lost.

Account Groups - Reporting Group 1 and 2 The sequence in which the groups and accounts are listed, may be changed in the Setup  →  System parameters  →  Groups menu. This is done by selecting the groups on the list and use the Move up or Move down buttons.  

Account Group 1

Account Group 2

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