Once your Reporting groups for Account groups 1 and / or 2 is added, you need to link these to one of the Assets, Capital, Expenses, Income or Liabilities Financial categories.

The following two (2) options are available to link the Financial categories:

1.Setup → System parameters → Financial categories menu.

2.Edit → Accounts menu.

The basic report groups should already be available for a Set of Books, and you may add, edit or delete any of these groups in the Setup → System parameters → Groups menu on the Account group 1 / Account group 2 tabs, before linking them to Financial categories. 

Assets, Capital and Liabilities are Balance sheet Financial categories, and 

Income and Expenses are Income statement Financial categories. 

To link Reporting groups to Financial categories: 

1.Click on the Setup → System parameters → Financial categories menu. The "Financial categories" screen is displayed: 

TurboCASH4 - Link account groups to financial categories

All your available account reporting groups will be listed. If you notice that not all account groups are available, you have to exit this screen and do the necessary amendments on the Setup → System parameters → Groups menu. 

2.Select a category (Assets, Capital, Expenses, Income or Liabilities).

3.Select a group from the group list, and click on the Add button.

You may select more than one group. To do this, press the Ctrl or Shift key and while keeping it sown, use the mouse to select another group. 

4.Repeat the process until you have no more items in the group list. 

The following is a basic guideline of how groups should be linked to the Financial categories: 

o - Assets - Fixed assets, Current assets 

o - Capital - Capital (for Sole proprietorships and Partnerships), Share capital (for Companies), Members contributions (for Close corporations) 

o - Expenses - Expenses 

o - Income - Income, Other income 

o - Liabilities - Long term liabilities, Current liabilities. 

For example, in the category Assets, select Fixed assets and click on the Add button, select Current assets and click on the Add button. The groups will be moved from the group list and be listed in the right hand side of the screen. 

These selected groups are no longer available to be added to any other category. Click on each of these categories (Capital, Expenses, Income or Liabilities) and repeat the process for each of these categories, if necessary. At the end of this process you should not have any Groups available on the left-hand side of the screen. 

5.Once you have completed the process, click on the Cancel button.

6.Click on the Yes button, and start again linking the groups to their respective category.

If you have added incorrect groups to a specific financial category, simply select the incorrect group from the list on the right hand side of your screen, and click on the Remove button. The option will now be available to link to another financial category. 

To clear or reset all the linked groups to the Financial categories (Assets, Capital, Expenses, Income and Liabilities), click on the Reset button. The following information screen is displayed: 

TurboCASH4 - Clear links account groups to financial categories confirmation

You then need to start all over again to link a group.