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The Reportman Preview screen is displayed when you print a report or a document stored in the C:\TCASH4\plug_ins\reports directory.

The icons are grouped into four (4) sections (i.e. Navigation, Output, Settings, Zoom) and the close button. These icons are as follows:

1.Navigation -

a)First  Goes to the first page of the report. (Home)

b)Previous  Goes to the previous page of the report (Page Up).

c)Page number  Displays the page number of the page in the Report Preview screen. You may enter a specific page number and hit the Enter key on your keyboard to jump to that specific page.

d)Next page  Goes to the next page of the report (Page Down).

e)Last page  Goes to the last page of the report (End).

2.Output -

a)Print  This will launch the Print screen. You may select another printer (than your system's default printer), select a specific page and change the number of copies, if necessary.

b)Save  This will launch the Save Metafile As screen. On this screen, you need to do the following where necessary:

i)Select the directory (folder) where you need to save this file, if necessary.

ii)Enter a file name.

iii)Select a file type if another file type than the default file type (PDF file  Compressed) is required. The following Report meta file types are available:


PDF file  Compressed


PDF file  Uncompressed (default)


Excel file


Excel file (one sheet)


Text file


Bitmap file


Html file


Scalable Vector Graphics


Comma Separated Value file


Custom Text file


Excecutable meta file

c)E-mail  This will generate a Portable Document Format (pdf) file. It will also launch a blank E-mail message (using your system's default e-mail program) and insert the report (or document) as an attachment.

The name of the report (or document) is automatically generated (for example, REPC526.pdf). It will also automatically be inserted in the Subject field and displayed in the title bar of the e-mail message.

It is recommended that you add your own sensible subject to this in the Subject field. You still need to select a recipient (and other recipients, if necessary) and type a message before clicking on the Send button.

3.Settings -

a)Show report page setup  This will display a Dialog screen on which you may do the Page setup, Print setup and Options (i.e. select the “Preferred save format”).

b)Show report parameters - This is the selection or options screen, on which you may select the options to include or exclude data in the report.

Should the report have no report parameters (when it prints directly when you click on the Print button of the Report man screen), the report has no options to change. This icon will then be inactive.

If the report has an active Report parameters icon, you may click on it to change the report parameters. This will change the content of the report.

4.Zoom -

a)Shows the report in real size  This will display the report in the actual size when it is printed.

b)Adjusting the paper to fit the window width  The report will be stretched to fit the entire Preview window. If you resize the report (e.g. click on the Maximize button or on the Restore down button of the Report man Preview screen's title bar), it will automatically be resized.

c)Scale to full page  This will display the full page (length and with) in the window.

d)Zooms out the view  Each click will reduce the paper size.

e)Zooms in the view  Each click will increase the paper size.

To close the Report man Preview screen, click on the Close button. Alternatively, click on the Close button of the Report man Preview screen's title bar.

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