Reportman Add a Dataset

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Additional fields any be added using the FreeFields Plugin / Extension. The SYSVARSEXT table is already present in all Sets of Books.  

To add your data to the report, simply do the following:

1.Enter your data in the Setup  →  System parameters  →  Company Info (Additional Data) section, if these fields are blank.

2.Launch the Report Designer from the Tools menu.

3.Select MyInvoice.rep and double-click on it (or click on the Edit button of the Report man screen).

4.On the Report manager designer screen, go to Reports  →  Data access configuration menu and add the Dataset SYSVARSEXT as a new Dataset.

5.Copy the following SQL text to the text box:




from Sysvarsext

6.Click on the Show data button. Your data (as entered in the Setup → System parameters → Company Info (Additional Data) section) will now be displayed.

7.Close the Data preview screen. Click on the OK button of the Data access configuration screen to save the changes.

8.In the Structure tab of the Report manager designer screen, select the section of the Report where you wish to add this data.

9.Click on the Data tab.

10.Select the SYSVARSEXT Dataset and expand the tree. Select the SContactName field and drag it to the section of the report. Also drag the Smobile Data field and drag it to the report section.

11.Click on the Preview button of the Report manager designer screen to view your data.

12.You may wish to add Labels (Static Text) objects to the labels. This newly added data will be displayed on the new layout file.  

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