Export Debtor Accounts

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This facility is additional to the powerful Report Export facility in which all reports in TurboCASH may be exported, and saved in any available format on your system, such as Word Processing (Text), Spreadsheets, etc.

Using this facility, you may also export certain data for the Debtor Accounts in an open Set of Books to XML Database format, or any available format on your system.

All the information regarding each account as entered in the Edit → Debtor menu (includes specific data for debtor accounts), will be exported in the selected file format.

To Export Debtors Data from TurboCASH: 

1.Click on the Tools → Export menu. The Export Data to File screen will be displayed.

2.Click on the Debtors button, if not selected. The screen will change to display the options for the Debtors:

3.Select and / or enter the following:

a)Export to - The installation directory in which TurboCASH is installed, will be displayed. You may click on the Browse icon to select a folder on the Browse for Folder screen. You may then select any available folder, or drive, on your system into which you wish to export the data.

b)File Type - Select to export the file in the XML Database (*XML), Comma Separated Variable (*CSV), Lotus Spreadsheet File (*WK1), MS Excel Spreadsheet (*XLS), or any other format available on your system from the list.

c)Export File Name - Enter the File name. You need to select this file at a later stage when you wish to import the file, or analyse the data in a spreadsheet.

d)Log File - Enter the Log File name.

e)Range - From and To - The Debtors lookup will be automatically initiated. Select any range of accounts to include in the export file.

4.Click on the Export button. TurboCASH will create the export file, and save it in the specified directory.

The information for the Debtors, which will be exported, is:

Account Code.

Description or name.

Contact persons.

Account Code.

Postal and Delivery Addresses.

Two Telephone numbers and Fax number.

E-mail addresses.

Credit limits.

Charge amounts.


Monthly Interest percentage.


Disabled Account indicator.

Open Item Debtor indicator.

Statement messages.

Reporting Groups 1 and 2.


The last date a transaction was entered for the debtor accounts, will also be included into the selected export file.

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