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This menu lists all the functions, which you can perform to create edit or delete master records.

To Access the Edit Menu: 

1.Click on the Edit menu. A list of the nine (9) menu options on the Edit menu will be displayed. The available short cut keys to access the options from your keyboard are indicated next to the menu option.

2.Select one of the available options.

a)Accounts - Create, edit and delete bank, ledger and tax accounts. You may also enter / edit the budget figures for accounts.

b)Creditor  Maintain creditor (supplier) accounts.

c)Debtor  Maintain debtor (customer) accounts.

d)Contact - Create or edit contact information for debtor and creditor accounts.

e)Delete - Delete contacts, user reports and documents.

f)Repeating Transactions - Enter any transactions, which occur frequently in batches (journals).

g)Repeating Invoices - Select invoices to repeat from the invoice history.

h)Stock Items - Create a new stock item or edit or delete existing stock items.

i)User Reports - Create a new user report or edit any existing user reports. User Reports may also be exported and saved or imported from a valid file format.

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