TurboCASH4 Document entry context-menuWhen printing documents, the sequence or order in which items were selected, and or comments were entered on the document entry screen, before posting (updating) the documents to the ledger, will be printed on document layout and delivery note layout files. 

You may change the sequence in which the items and comments are displayed on the unposted documents using the following options on the context-menu:

1.Move up - Move a selected item or comment one line up.

2.Move down - Move a selected item or comment one line down.

3.Sort on stockcode - This option will sort the items in the document lines according to the Stock item code. 

Note that all comments will be sorted before the stock code, since the comments have no stock code. If you need to display and print the comments associated to the Stock code, you need to select the comment and move it down to the selected stock item.