AP Maths

A Grade 2 Maths Supplement, suitable for IEB, GED and Cambridge A Level English Students.

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AP Maths

English Speaking countries do not do well in Pisa rankings. The Copeman Academy strives to give the English speaking student a boost in Maths education. We do this by supplementing analytical training with Deep Learning based Pattern Recognition.

For an educated Chinese person, the Chinese character set is about 8,000 characters. The basic cannon of University mathematics is 2,000 examples. Chinese are better at mathematics because they have grown up with a more apporiate language, one based on pattern recognition rather than character syntax. English speakerrs get bgged down trying to think analytically. Maths excellence is awaiting us. We have simply to open our minds to pattern recognition.

South Africa is ranked 138 out of 140 countries at Maths education. What is less known is that South Africa is one of the most unequal Maths societies in the world. Our top 1 % of students rank as good as the Asians (not rigourously proven, people get a bit prickly about admitting the advantages of privileged students). One of the reasons for this success is that, thanks to the IEB, we have one of the best developed Advanced Maths Programs. A student following Core Maths and APMaths in South Africa comes out ahead of GED and AS Level students in the US and UK respectively.

AP Maths is an innovative exam offered by the IEB. Every serious Grade 12 student should take AP Maths. This is because it is an opening link to A Level Maths and University Maths 1 and 2.

Here is a list of topics covered.

Here is an example of an exam (Paper 1). Work your way through these questions with Video answers (Presented by Michael Copeman and Philip Copeman) to establish how good you are. If you are heading for University or College then AP Maths will never be a waste of your time and will improve your core maths. Great options comming - Stats, Financial Models, Graph theory, Matrices and mechanics.

South Africa
If you are in grade 11 or grade 12 find out from your school what are your options to doing AP Maths. Either way doing AP Maths now will save you doing these topics later. The assessment has been benchmarked by UK Naric (National Academic Recognition Information Centre), the UK equivalent of the SA Qualifications Authority, and is considered equivalent to the UK A-levels.

UK/Cambridge International
If you are a UK ALevels student then APMaths coincides 90% with your A-Level Core Maths Syllabus. These are all core concepts to ALevels Maths and Cambridge A-Level Further Maths

US GED students Have 4 modules Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry and PreCalculus. AP Maths and Grade 12 Core Maths cover around 90% of your topics and introduce about 10% of topics not required (Noteably financial mathematics)
We will shortly recocile these differences. I would recommend AP Maths for GDE students, because it will prepare you for the inevitable confrontation of College Maths.

There is a basic cannon of maths, Geometery, Trig, Algebra, Calculus and everyone needs an introduction to Mechanics, Stats and Applied Maths. Adults have the luxury of not having to follow a rigourous syllabus. AP Maths is a gentle introduction to teriary maths if you feel have high school maths waxed.

Together, we can empower the future.



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To Get a grip on the extent of the AP Maths syllabus and a measure of what has to be covered.

IEB Outcomes - What are the marking criteria?

There is no denying it - getting started in AP Maths is daunting. You are in the big league now Calculus and Matrix Algebra

Never fear a situation where you don't know what is going on - that means you are probably in the right place. Work your way through the Demo Paper - APMaths 2018 Paper 1. Follow all the Questions and Answers, and Video Answers.

Best way forward- Start!

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Repeat APMaths 2018


Keep repeating the questions until you can answer these 100%. This will teach you the feedback loop and the basics of pattern recognition.

The principle here is overall pattern recognition. Some of the topics will be really scary, but being able to parrot fashion repeat the answers is a good start!"

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If you feel you just can't start an exam. Repeat AP Maths 2018video answers

If you are not ready for APMaths, start Grade 12 Maths at the Copeman Academy - Join Free. You can go a long way with our free facilities. Our premium access costs R 500 and gives you access for a year. 

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Keep repeating until you can get 90% for   each exam before proceeeding.


Keep Looping


To be able to click through the Online Exams and get over 90%.

Keep extending the loop exam - review-video answers - lectures  to include all the pastt papers and keep repeating until you can point and click your way to 90% for the Trial Exam

You may not have learned AP Maths yet but you will be on your way to recognizing problem types. You will start to notice them popping up all around you in the real world.



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If you have completed the Goals in sections 1 to 3, you qualify to claim your rank of Lance Corporal or 2nd Leutenant.



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