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Philip, please give me some ideas to ensure I never have to go back to the office?


Fortunately I can help you with that. I have for the last 15 years worked from home, in which time I was able to engineer the downloading of 2 Million copies of TurboCASH. Before caronavirus, the TurboCASH users audited and accounted for about $4 Bn in Turnover. After lockdown, we will have grown considerably. Feel free to take part in that expansion fro you own profit.

I am going to start with the ideas that do not require capital or require very little of it. Of course it gets even better of you do apply capital, but that should never be a prerequisite. A good idea always finds its capital.


I have put together some ideas for businesses that need TurboCASH Accountants. Feel free to use them for your own profit.

House Flipping
London Fish and Chips Last Mile Delivery
Online Education
Agri Processing
Community Accounting
Ecommerce Management
Software Development
Digital Marketer




A Lockdown Restaurant

What a beautiful business, one that grows using someone else's capital.

It has one product - Fried Hake and Chips

Made in a Covid free environment with minimal customer interaction.

Input products are Hake, beer, Flour, potatochips, vegetable oil, Paper packets, Mayonaise, Vinnegar, Lemon Juice

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