Accounting Made Easy with TurboCASH




Who this course is for and what you will achieve.



TurboCASH General Ledger

Bank Import into TurboCASH

Introduction to TurboCASH

Introduction to Accounting



Introduction to TurboCASH


ADD Quickstart  (3:30)

For those who are only prepared to invest 3 minutes into their financial future.


Why Accounting?  (4:45)

Accounting Made Easy Welcome, why even bother to do accounting? Isn't it easier just to let someone else do it?


What is TurboCASH?  (4:45)

More importantly what TurboCASH Isn't. Every Company needs a General Ledger, but you may need other packages too.


Installing TurboCASH  (3:30)

The steps to getting TurboCASH installed and starting the tutorials.


Introduction to Accounting

Using a computer in accounting (2:03)

How computers improve the accounting experience

Accounting Principles(2:35)

How transactions are captured and categorised

The Transaction Cycle (3:52)

What are the transactions that make up daily business?

The Accounting Equation (3:52)

Why books always balance, GAAP and IFRS

The Ledger (3:23)

The Ledger and Control Accounts


Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks on Accounting Made Easy with TurboCASH is aimed at the TurboCASH 5 subscriber.

Windows Focus(2:30)

TurboCASH is an SDI single document interface, find out how to use your modal TurboCASH windows

CSV to TC5 imports (4:33)

Save repetitive entry and import CSV files

Translating TurboCASH(6:53)

Configure TurboCASH to any language or any accounting terminology - customers in multiple languages

Choosing Your Country(4:33)

Configure TurboCASH to hundreds of countries


More Comming soon...

Accounting Made Easy with TurboCASH is aimed at the TurboCASH 5 subscriber. It will help you with your TurboCASH 4 experience, but it is built for TurboCASH 5 Business Class comfort.


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