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TurboCASH5.1 - USA - Online Help  

Wednesday, 05 September 2018 - 06:18:05 - TurboCASH Add on Youtube

Special thanks to : Pieter Valentijn and Philip Copeman.  

       Thank you for choosing the TurboCASH 5 program. This program is easy to use, but an exceptionally powerful accounting program. This program allows you to set up your accounting system quickly and then adjust it according to your own requirements.

This book is meant to be fun. Don't make a meal of it. It is impossible to cram 4 years of an accounting degree into a few hours, but we are going to try anyway. Some of the terminology that we use may seem obscure. This is intentionally so. We didn't make the rules in financial vocabulary, we simply follow it. Financial people like Bank managers, shareholders, auditors, the Receiver all use the same language to talk about financial concepts.  Financial people are arrogant and dismissive when they see that you don't grasp these concepts. If you are unable to talk the talk they will immediately assume that you are incompetent in the business of making profit. So get with the program, its not difficult. Soon you could be the center of discussion and cocktail parties.

TurboCASH 5 can be customized to accommodate virtually any business’ requirements. The program is so versatile, that, if your business expands and you change to another form of ownership, (e.g., from sole proprietor to partnership, close corporation or company) or even if need to you register or de-register for VAT/GST/Sales Tax, TurboCASH can accommodate these changes with ease.

Because TurboCASH can work in over 20 languages and in over 80 different tax regimes, there are many ways to set it up. The key to the TurboCASH program is in the setting up of the parameters. Failure to setup the program correctly will yield incorrect results.

Fortunately you do not have to worry about this. If this is the first time that you are using the software then it is best to use the EXAMPLE set of books installed for your country rather than creating your own Set of Books. The fewer changes you make to this the better.

If you have never used TurboCASH before, time should be well spent doing the Handyman tutorial before launching into your own Set of Books. When TurboCASH is set up correctly, you, as the user, will enjoy the benefits of increased financial control of your enterprise. Each business entity is different from the next. It is for this reason that the TurboCASH program was developed with built-in flexibility.

Please contact Philip Copeman at philip@pinksoft.co.za to purchase any of the following books:

1.Accounting Made Easy – A hands-on tutorial to work with TurboCASH5.

2.Rekeningkunde met Gemak – A hands on tutorial and reference in Afrikaans based on the Accounting Made Easy book.

Buy EBook $25

Half Accounting - Half TurboCASH

Accounting Made Easy will help

those new to Accounting

packages or new to TurboCASH.

Even if you do not use TurboCASH

there is no cheaper way to

learn accounting software.

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