T-Ledger analyzer - Column balances - Debit / Credit

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The Column balances D/C report type will list the debit and credit balances for the general ledger accounts (i.e. Income, expenses, Bank accounts, Tax accounts and other ledger accounts reported in the Balance sheet.

This report cannot be printed but can be exported to a spreadsheet (e.g. OpenOfficeCalc / LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel, etc.).

This will list the following account types:

Income / Expense.

Balance sheet - Assets, Liabilities and Capital. It includes the following account types, i.e.:

o Bank accounts

o Tax accounts

o Retained income / earnings.

o Vendor's control account.

o Customer's control account.

If you have created two (2) Reporting groups (Setup → Groups), you may have different views of your data. This report type will list all General ledger accounts (or with balances only, if the Ignore zero balances field is not selected (not ticked)) in the following columns:

Opening Last Year - The totals for opening balances of the previous year.

Last Year Periods 1 to 12 - the totals of transactions entered or posted to the previous year.

Period Total - Total for each period (Period 1 -12).

End Last Year - Total for Last Year Opening Balances and the totals for each period (Period 1 -12).

Opening Balance This Year - This should be the same as the Total for Last Year.

Period Total - Total for each period (Period 13 -25).

End Last Year - Total for This Year Opening Balances and the totals for each period (Period 13 -25).

You may double-click on an account and / or in a specific period to list and view the transaction details in the T-Account viewer. You may be print the transactions.

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