Inventory - Backorder (Reports menu)

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The backorder report will display any inventory items that are on backorder. Backorders are usually added for the difference on the Quantity Order and Quantity Shipped fields on the Document entry screen. When processing invoices and credit notes, and a backorder exists for the customer a screen on which you may select the items on backorder is displayed.

You may also add, edit or delete backorders on the Action → Input → Documents → Backorders or on the Backorders tab of the Action → Inventory items and Action → Customers.    

To print a Backorder report:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Inventory → Backorder.

2.Select the following:

a)From... To... - Select the inventory code(s) to include in the report.  

b)Sequence - Select "Inventory code or Inventory description" to sort the order in which you need to print the data.

3.Click on the OK button.

An example of the Backorder report, is as follows:

It will display the following information:

1.Customer - Account number and name

2.Referral Source - The Document number and the reference added in the Your reference field of the Document entry screen.

3.On Hand - The quantity of the inventory item on hand.

4.Qty - Quantity on backorder.

5.Selling price - The selling price per item (exclusive of Tax (VAT/GST/Sales Tax).

6.Disc% - The discount percentage if the "Apply invoice discount" field is selected (ticked) for the Inventory item and Customer discount percentage is specified on the Accounting information tab for the customer. It my also be entered or edited when processing invoices.

7.Price - The selling price per item minus the discount percentage (exclusive of Tax (VAT/GST/Sales Tax).

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