Reportman - Add unit descriptions to layout files

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The Unit description can be added to TurboCASH5 – and to TurboCASH451-838

Before changing a layout file, it is recommended that you select your report, and click on the Copy button. It will create a Copy of your layout file. If you have customized a layout file, save it with a different name. This will prevent loosing your layout file, being over-written by reinstalling or installing TurboCASH5.

Added the Unit Description to the following Layout files:

Test Invoice (TRN_906190.rep) layout file.

Delivery note (no codes) - (TRN-906181) layout file.

Delivery note (15 code) - (TRN-906182) layout file.

To Add the Inventory Unit Description to Layout files:

1.Click on Reports → Report designer or Setup → Report designer menu.

2.Click on the Report menu and select Database connections and datasets.

3.On the Database connections and datasets, click on the Add icon.

4.On the new Dataset screen, enter SUNIT in the Alias Name field.

5.Click on the OK button. The SUNIT data set will be added to the Datasets tab.  

6.Select the SUNIT dataset and link it to the DOCUMENTLINE on the Master dataset field.

7.Paste the following sql in the SUNIT sql box " Select * from unit where cast(WUnitid as varchar(10)) = :SUNIT "

8.Click on the Show data button to test the data. The data as entered in the Setup →  Inventory information - Unit size tab will be displayed (if the Unit size is linked to a inventory item included in the Preview document).

9.Click on the Close button to exit the Data screen.

10.Select the Detail section of the document lines. To insert the expression, simply drag the SUNIT.SDESCRIPTION field to the place to be displayed on the layout file.

11.Add the text Unit to the heading for the added expression.

12.Click on the Preview icon to preview the document. The Unit descriptions should be displayed.

13.Close the Preview screen and close Reportman. Remember to click on Save.

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