Resizing screens

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By default, all sections of screens are docked (maximized). If you see the following button on a screen, you may click to undock (maximize) resize a screen or to dock (minimize) the screen:

To maximize the Transactions tab and / or Debit / Credit transactions section of the screen, click on the  button to maximize the Transactions tab. You may also click and drag any part of the screen up / or down.  

Show / Hide Ribbon Options

You may need some extra space when working with, Documents, Inventory, Customers, Vendors, T-Ledger analyzer, etc.

To Auto hide the ribbons options, double-click on any of the ribbon tabs. This will hide the options on the ribbon and only display the ribbon tabs and auto-resize (larger) the screens in TurboCASH5. You may then click on a ribbon tab to select and access the options. Once you have selected an option, the ribbon options will auto hide and only display the ribbon tabs.

To Show the ribbon options and resize the screens (smaller), you may double-click on a ribbon tab.

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