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The Customer - Invoices per period - Quantities report displays the Inventory code, Inventory description, Quantities, Selling prices and Cost prices (if applicable to inventory items) for each customer account.

This report only includes Invoices which are posted. Unposted Invoices will be NOT be included in this report.

To print a Customer - Invoices per period - Quantities report:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Sales → Invoices → Customers.

2.Select the following:

a)Period - Select the period on the Per period tab. You may click on the Free selection tab to select a specific date or a range of dates.

b)From account ...To account  - Select a customer account or a range of customer accounts, to include in the report.

c)Sequence - Select "Customer code" to print the report by account code or "Description" to print the report by account description (name).

d)New page per account - If this option is selected (ticked), it will print the transactions for each account on a new page.

The Company details will not be printed as in the Page header. The company name is displayed in the Page footer.

3.Click on the OK button.

An example of the Customers - Invoices per period - Quantities, is as follows:

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