Customer statements

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The following Customer statements are available:

Customer statements - The statement will print all transactions. It does not use the Open item link feature.

Customer statements - Outstanding - The statement will print only the outstanding transactions. Transactions linked in the Open item link feature, will not be listed.

Before you wish to print Customer statements, you may need to check the following:

Statement messages are entered correctly.

Banking details of your company is entered in the Company info (Setup ribbon).

Enter global messages to display on all customer statements:

1.On the Setup ribbon, select Documents setup.

2.Select the Statement setup tab.

3.Enter the message in up to 3 lines to display on the Customer statements.

4.Click on the OK button.

Enter statement messages for specific customer accounts:

1.On the Action ribbon, select Customers (F4).

2.Select the customer account.

3.On the Delivery address tab, enter a message of up to 3 lines.

4.Click on the Save button.  

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