Vendor listing - Postal address (Reports menu)

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The Vendor listing - Postal address report will list the Account code, Name of the Vendor (account description), Postal address, Telephone 1 / 2, Fax, E-mail Address and Website.

To print a Vendor - List postal address report:

1.On the Reports ribbon, select Reports → Vendors → Listing.

2.Select "List postal address", if not already selected.

3.Select the following:

a)From ... To... - Select a vendor account or a range of vendor accounts, to include in the report.

b)Sequence - Select "Vendor code, Description, Address 3 or Zip code" to print the report details in the order (sort) in which you wish to display the data.

c)Reporting group 1 - Select a reporting group or more reporting groups. The report will only be printed for those vendor accounts linked to the selected Vendor reporting group 1.

4.Click on the OK button.

View the Vendor listing - List postal address report

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