Vendor accounts - Delivery address tab

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1.The Delivery address tab is the default when accessing the Action →Vendor  screen.

2.Enter and / or select the following on the Delivery address tab, if necessary:

a)Delivery address, Address 2, Address 3 - Enter up to 3 address lines.

b)Zip code - Enter the zip code.

c)Country - Default is Empty. You may select the Country.

d)Message, Message 1, Message 2 and Message 3 - Enter the message for the vendor account. This message will be displayed on remittance advices printed in Reports  →   Reports  → Vendors  → Remittance advices.

e)Layout files 

If no layout files have been selected for the vendor on this tab, the default settings as set for Purchases, Supplier returns and Orders (Setup → Documents setup) will be used.

i)Layout file 1Purchases - Layout file - If you have a specific purchase layout file for the this vendor, you may select it.

ii)Layout file 2Supplier returns - Layout file  - If you have a specific Supplier returns layout file for the this vendor, you may select it.

iii)Layout file 3Orders - Layout file - If you have a specific Order layout file for the this vendor, you may select it.

f)Send document type - This is only applicable to the E-mailPro plugin. Print document is the default. Other options are; Print document and send email or Email. To use this feature, you need to activate and purchase the E-mailPro plugin and need to set it to print to a printer.  

3.Click on the Accounting information tab to enter and select settings and accounting terms.

4.Once finished, click on the Save button. TheVendor  account Form will be closed and theVendor  accounts List screen will be displayed.

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