Delete Vendor accounts

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You may delete a vendor account if the account has no transactions and / or balances.

You may disable a vendor account to block (prevent) posting of any documents or journal transactions for the vendor. You may need to do this, if you are no longer doing business with the vendor, etc.

To delete a Vendor account:

1.On the Vendor accounts, select the account, and click on the Delete button. A confirmation message "Are you sure you want to delete this account?" will be displayed.

Make sure absolutely sure that the correct vendor account is selected.

2.Click on the Yes button. A confirmation message "Account deleted!" will be displayed.

3.Click on the OK button. This will permanently remove the vendor account.

To disable a Vendor account:

1.If the vendor account has transactions and / or balances, you cannot delete it. An error message "000002 BEST Suppliers This account has balances, cannot be deleted!" message will be displayed (000002 BEST Suppliers is the account code and name of the Vendor as per this example).

2.Click on the OK button. To block posting of any documents or journal transactions for the vendor, click on the Edit button and Accounting information tab.

3.Select (tick) the "Account disabled" field

4.Click on the Save button.  

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